School/Life Balance

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Being a college student, at any age, is a challenge. However, at Rhode Island College we provide countless resources to help you navigate your undergraduate or graduate experience while also balancing family, jobs, and health.

Helping You Maintain Balance

Not finding the right balance between your academics and other outside responsibilities can take its toll on your physical and mental health. We know at Rhode Island College many of our students wear multiple hats - you are students, parents, friends, workers and more. We want our students to work towards success by completing their degree without having to make sacrifices. 

Assisting with Mental Health & Stress Management 

Finding balance with life and school can be extremely stressful. We encourage all of our students to utilize services and resources such as the Counseling Center, Health Services and the Recreation Center to assist with reducing stress and finding balance for your physical and mental health.

Guiding You

Our professional Student Success staff are here to instruct you on:

  • planning ahead and setting a schedule 
  • making to-do lists
  • prioritizing deadlines for your classroom work 
  • setting goals and deadlines
  • recognizing your own personal limits
  • asking for help 

Recognizing the Needs of Students with Children 

Rhode Island College can connect students who have children, or those who are about to have children, with resources, services, and childcare opportunities. These supports can be tremendously helpful as you transition into college life.

More on How We Support Our Students' Well-Being

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